Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes, it is indeed a fun trip and I will never feel bored saying "I MISS THAILAND". Go with your friends, try it one day, have fun.

*** ~*~ ***

Again and again, you are letting me down. I unsure why, what is the reason behind causing you acting that way? I am not comfortable having such random feeling from whoever, it often causes me mood swing. I just hate it.

You there. Think about it now, a normal human do have feeling and I believe I am also consider one normal human being, not a heartless, emotionless, feeling-less computer. I can't simply click on one specific file which contain all sad memories you brought me and send it to the recycle bin and delete it permanently! It's not as easy as writing something bad on the black board and rub it off with a duster. Even if it's that easy, you will still leave stains on the blackboard, can't rub it off even if you use a wet cloth.

So, it's not easy to start all over again. Sorry.

Money can buy lots of stuff, and can buy lots of heart too. But your money is not everything, I have my way and my brain to make a smart decision. Good work in attacking my other weak point. Friendship is one of the important elements in my life too, but what's the point by introducing some random people to me? Worst still you don't even know that fella well? 

WHAT IS THE POINT? I just don't get it. Do you? Explain yourself.

Why am I avoiding you people? Please be smart, if I don't wanna befriend you, then just move on with someone else, why bother to know me? I am just like a jerk, a nobody. Or perhaps you should think about the reason why I am avoiding you, don't ask me why cause I will not want to answer you.

I always say I can be nice to be with but can also be very evil if you make me angry. So can you guys behave yourself? I am feeling weird with all your attitude. Why? I am asking, WHY?!?!?!

Stay away, back off!

3 inner voice(s):

Josephine said...

stay cool, friend....

aaronng88 said...

hey~ cheer up J, =) tk cr ya =)

Xie Bin said...

ahh... calm down. i have no idea what has happened, nor do i want to know i think, don't want be busybody! but, well, things happen all the time, random people doing random things all the time. hope you've gotten over this thingy already! (: