Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good news? Bad news?

I missed Thailand. I actually like Thailand, and feel like learning their language, and visit them again! People there are just... NICE. Maybe I am quite welcome there and feel so comfortable with those eyeing incident? I don't know, I just like those attention.

Such hypocrite me!

Having this butterfly feeling now, don't know why. And Sissy Dear actually appeared in my dream this morning, and did something bad which I no longer remember what happened, giving me a very very VERY BLUE feeling on bed, even when my sis called up asking me to go to the beach, I refused! 

And this is also the first time visiting an island, without going into the beach.

So, just got this news. Happy for me as I am wishing this all the while, and yea, I am getting it now. I am feeling lucky today! But of course, it might be a bad news to my parents, especially my mom, who has put so much effort trying to make everything work out right, but at the end, a few days before that, something happened.

Considering this is a good news to me but a bad news for her. But what can I do? This is life! Life is unfair sometimes, but I think I am being lucky all these while.

So yea, I am back home now. Replying all messages, and start planning for my remaining holidays. Chinese New Year is approaching too, don't know how will it feel during this CNY. Perhaps as usual, mood-less?

My camera went dead yesterday, causing me missed out so many nice scenery. Again, that's life. My phone was dead long ago, and since I am not having any multiple plug, I have to keep it in the safe box in the room. So yea, need to depend on someone else's camera and I am waiting for those pictures.

And guess what? My newly bought hair gel, cost RM 20 plus, got confiscated in Krabi Airport! My mistake for putting it in my backpack, which happens to be my "hand luggage", and apparently we are not allowed to bring water (liquid), any sharp item (like duh!) and gel (e.g. hair gel) in our hand luggage. So sad... very very sad!

Haih. Need to buy a new one then. Anyways, good night everyone, I need to get some rest now. Good night =)

2 inner voice(s):

Ahmike said...

Haha at least you learn your lesson la brother. Ya liquid is not allowed xD yoo don't sad can ! start a new beginning with new cam lo xD

Florence said...

Thailand !!!!!
Haha i might goin to thai for nx month..hohooho~ ;)