Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm 20!

I am wishing the jolly mood stay on till Chinese New Year. Anyways, this is a picture of a 20-year-old boy. Look mature huh? Well, I always look mature *wink*. And so, another decade has gone. The beginning of my new self and heading to the number 3, OMG, I am getting older!

So, I promised myself to get myself something this year, and these are what I got for myself. Wang Lee Hom latest album and a book to read, and also a cake. 

So where should I start? I actually separated my birthday celebration into a few days with different bunch of friends, and due to some rules and restriction I am facing in my family, I can only managed to get a 4-day-permit from my mom and it's definitely not enough for everyone, so sorry if I didn't ask you out.

It's all started on Thursday night the 15th of January. I had invited 4 friends I hang around with quite often during my high school period, 2 out of 4 attended. We had dinner in Kim Gary in Pyramid and went for some cake cutting ceremony somewhere outside the entrance of Sunway Lagoon. 

A fresh experience, cool celebration, special birthday! We even whisper while singing the birthday song as there are quite a few couples around the area and we don't want to make it so... high profile. Pictures are not with me, June and Sabrina are still holding those pictures. But anyways, thanks for the surprise birthday cake and the special experience you guys gave me.

Had another dinner outing the next day on the 16th of January, Friday. This time, 3 out of 5 attended. Had dinner in TGIF in pyramid and kinda have a special one too. Because I have to wait for Shaz and Sandra for 1 hour plus together with Tony as we prefer to have dinner with everyone together.

And Shaz, actually managed to excuse himself and told the person in charge of the restaurant that I'm celebrating my birthday on the 18th and got the whole crew to embarrass me in the restaurant. Luckily there were not many people at that hour as it was kinda late.

And thanks to him, Sandra now had became my Fruit Partner! Why fruit partner? Well, we went through this Fruit Dance together and since she was my partner, so yea! 

Lesson learned: If you don't want to get yourself embarrassed, never visit TGIF anytime during your birthday, or else...

On Saturday morning, I went out for dim sum as breakfast together with Alden, Mun Suet, Deborah and Joanne. After that, we went to some bazaar or some warehouse sales around the Subang area. Nothing much to see though even they sell guys shirt and shoes, was quite bored too in the warehouse sales. 

However, I managed to meet up some of my high school friends during the bazaar and had a short chat with them. While doing nothing, I went into A&W for some desert together with Mun Suet and Alden. After that, went to Pyramid to wait for Alex, my brother.

And so, we went to The Curve first to have our lunch in Marche. It's my first time dining in that restaurant and I found that I don't really quite like the concept of that restaurant, it's expensive too!

We passed by Cineleisure and saw this group of cheerleader cheering for Bonus Link card if I am not mistaken. After that, we went to Ikea just to shop for a notice board. Then, we went to One Utama. I went merely just for some window shopping while Alex bought a polo tee for himself.

On Sunday, I went to KL Central and waited for Mun Suet. I actually invited some of my Leo friends to join me for a movie or something and 1 out of 5 attended this time. That's Mun Suet and we went for a movie, They Wait. It was a ghost movie and it's not really scary, in fact, I think it's kinda sad seeing such incident happened to those people in the movie. How cruel people like us can be.

Later on, we went to the garden in KLCC and waited for the rest of our classmates to arrive. Well, we actually have this farewell party for some of our classmates who are leaving to Australia. Good Luck Kien Yang, Deborah, Rachel Au, Sherry, Crystal and Surekha, wish to see you guys real soon in Australia! 

It was suppose to be a picnic-portluck kind of party but we ended up sitting near the stairs instead of having it on the ground. So much for having my first ever picnic huh? And since everyone was practically late for the party, I did not get to take any pictures with them, was expecting some nice shots though. Left with Mun Suet and met up Soon Wen for dinner =) Got to eat some nice dishes and I am really happy too!

This is basically how I celebrated my birthday! I am quite happy in a way, since I always wish to celebrate with my friends and yes finally got to do it this time. Actually I am suppose to be in China and should be back home today, but since the plan canceled, I might as well make myself happy right?

This is what I got from my friends:

Birthday card & Wallet from Alex.
T-Shirt from Mun Suet.
Powerless glasses from Alden.

And coincidentally, all these items I got from them were something I wanted for a long long time. I am seriously happy and touched that they got that for me, and I appreciate it a lot!

Time to thank my friends:

Thanks June, Sabrina, Shaz, Sandra, Tony, Alex, Mun Suet and Soon Wen who join me for my celebration. Those who did not turn up: Sue Keng, Yao Wei, Mikel, Gideon, Eric, Chong Sheng, Wen Yuin, Fion and Beatrice, you guys owe me a meal. ;)

Personally thanks Adeline and Angus who wishes me when we coincidentally met on the street.

Alfred, Joanne, Mun Suet, Robin, Alex, Min Dee and Jimmy who wishes me on the phone.

Shawn and Ryan who wishes me on MSN.

Maro, Rachel, Jing  Jing, Wen Yuin, Stephanie, Wai Shun, Sabrina, Anna, Benzemine, Wei Nie, Cindy A-Yee, Kenny, Su Qi, Alden, Chern Lin, Geraldine, Samson, Geoffrey, Sue Keng, June, Kenji, Debra, Eric, Issac, Kok Hooi and Alan. Thanks for your SMS wishes.

Not forgetting my friends, classmates and ex-classmates who wishes me through my Blog, Facebook and Friendster. Thank you guys so much!

And a special thanks too for those who attended the farewell party and those who sang me a song in front of so many random people! 

Thanks for embarrassing, and I appreciate it a lot! Sincerely and seriously!

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TZ said...

What a nice and memorable 20th birthday... btw, dude... when is your birthday eh!

Happy birthday eh! :)

aaronng88 said...

happy bday o u =) haha didn't noe its ur bday tim~ haha.. =) y never smile in ur 1st pic .. so serious loking for a 20 y.o =p

Zach said...

hey ho.. happy belated birthday~

*Anton* said...

Many wonderful returns of the day! :)

May you get prettier with each passing day too! :P


teapot said...

weee~~ i see my name. haha. i'm gonna question you if it wasnt there. haha

aaronng88 said...

haha i look like someone u noe rite? =p

maRCus said...

seee? u got some cool stuff oso ma.. hahah!! i like the monkey tshirt! XD