Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jolly Mood - ON

Jolly mood - checked.

So I am suppose to be happy now la? In fact, I am happy now, so yea, HAPPY. (like so stupid asking a question while I am already doing it right?)

What the heck?

Asking and answering all by myself? I am crazy, pardon me, too hyper. *wink*

Anyways, will be going to KLCC as early as 12pm and will join my college mates in a farewell port-luck picnic in the garden for some of my friends who are leaving to Australia.

First time having a picnic in a garden, in fact, this will be my first picnic! Must be fun! I should dress nicely and take more nice nice photos!

Looking forward to the picnic session.

4 inner voice(s):

aaronng88 said...

haha good la.. finally happy d u=) ehhe

Y ar? i noe lar.. hehehe =p

have fun in the picnic lor.. tk pics and post it-

alexio said...

Man its going to rain soon boy !....haha...hope it doesnt rain :P

Btw, Frying an egg is easy, as i've said yesterday, you have only one more year to prepare o :P

Medie007 said...

glad that the emo turn for the better. :D

Josephine said...

I have never tried picnic too.
Very 'san ba'hor?
Are photos ready?