Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sawatdee Khrab!

Can't believe I actually come online at this hour. Anyways, just wanna update something about my day. A brief one.

Early in the morning, woke up for breakfast, then off we go to our first destination, I shall make it another mystery of the day, hiding of the name and how the place look like. Managed to take lots of nice pictures and yes I had fun too!

Then, we went to climb this tall mountain and only 7 out of 16 people from our group managed to finish the whole destination! Kudos to all of us!

Had seafood again for dinner, imagine how much cholesterol I had consumed these 2 days. I can say OMG damn loud wey~ Plus, I seriously got darker already! So sad la, I never look good in dark skin, ish!

Mai Ben Rai (Nevermind), I can wait, and since class starting soon, I believe I will be fair anytime soon! *wink*

Alright, the lobby here is damn hot, the air conditioner is switched off! Good night then everyone!

P.S. - Going back to KL tomorrow, sorry people, no souvenir as they don't serve Asians, unless you look like a Westerner.

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