Saturday, May 2, 2009

Food Poisoning?

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Was really sick the whole day, since 5am in the morning I start waking up and feeling warm. I know I was getting sick so I forced myself to close my eyes. By 8.30am I woke up again, knowing that I can't make it for the club's General Meeting, sent a message to Fion, asking her to go by herself, then went back to sleep again.

Rolling up and down, left to right. I finally decided to wake up at 11am. However my whole body was so weak and I have no idea why. I lay down on the couch in the living room, resting for a moment before brushing my teeth. 

Told my sis to take care of her own lunch at around 12pm, still lying on the couch. It got worst after I came out from the toilet (diarrhoea), and felt like puking. My sis went out and bought me a loaf of bread and I can barely finish off a piece. It tasted kinda sourish though and it took me about half an hour to finish that piece.

Rushed to the toilet 15 minutes later and started vomiting. When was the last time I've vomited? I don't remember. But deeply in my heart, I hated the feeling of vomiting. I was suffering!

Felt better since the-whatever came out from my body. Had some rest/sleep till 6pm, and had a very light dinner with my family outside. I've lost my appetite, din't really have a full meal today. And now I am in my room doing this entry. Feeling slightly better now.

I hope I'll be fine by tomorrow. Doesn't mean that I can be sick since the two-week holiday is on. I need to be cured by tomorrow!

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TZ said...

Dude, take more water.... u were losing water through the vomiting ... take care and get well soon...