Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Hate MAC

If I were to blog an hour ago, you would see lots of foul languages appear here! I was really frustrated earlier due to lots of factors, not that I choose to be frustrated. Imagine waking up at 6.30 in the morning and wasted more than 3 hours in college with nothing done, you will probably have the same feeling too!

C'mon, I am (or maybe my parents are) paying so much to the college every semester, but what I know is the computers and macs in the lab is always giving me lots of problem!

I was in iLab since 9am and trying to capture my video into the Mac. Since I need to use the Final Cut Pro (an video editing program) to compile my videos, I have (am forced) to use the Mac even though I don't like using it.

But see, here is the problem with the Mac in college. Some of the Mac cannot detect my student id, and I have no idea why. Not that I am not registered or whatnot, but they are giving me this stupid problem. 3 out of 5 Macs don't allow me to log in!

Ok, now I am logged in. Time to activate the application (Final Cut Pro) and start doing my video capturing, but again problem occurs. When it comes to this point, you might come across with one of these problems. Cannot open due to some technical problem OR you need to fill in the serial number and register.

So what am I suppose to do with it? Slam the Mac on the wall? I wish to, but I don't have money to pay back the college. 4 out of 5 Macs will give me this trouble!

Ok, now I managed to log in, successfully activate the application and finally finished capturing and editing my videos. Time to save my work in my tumbdrive. Sounds great right, finally finishing my work? But there is always "BUT" at the end of something great.

When I put my tumbdrive into the Mac, guess what? It cannot detect it!!! So what now? It can't detect my tumbdrive, I can't save my work, what can I do now?! NOTHING but to start searching for another Mac that will accept my account info, activate that freaking application and detect my tumbdrive. Redo and save it!
2 out of 5 Macs have this stupid + lame issue.

Sigh. I am still not done with my video yet. But I managed to save it in my tumbdrive. I hope it can still function tomorrow, since I've encounter this problem before: It cannot reopen the file due to some technical problem.

Crossed fingers. Namo Amitabha. Pray hard.

Gosh, now I hated MAC even more!
No doubt they are good in certain ways, but I just don't like it!

= = = = = = = = = = 

You see, another thing about MAC was, it doesn't allows all my files (about 6GB plus) to move into my 320GB External Hard Drive! And I thought it was my hard drive's problem, but when I use it with my PC just now it was perfectly fine! Since I've only left 3BG space left in my tumbdrive, I had to borrow some lost and found tumbdrives to contain my files! But even with 4 thumbdrives, it's still not enough! Urgghh!

Let's talk about something else. 
Today is my non-biological mom's birthday! So...
Happy Birthday Min Dee! May you have a happy moment during the celebration!
Nice or not? The Birthday Cake Tarts.

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Anonymous said...

*chak* xD

popping my head for a sec here.

got a problem with macs O_o


lemme try and defend the red apple here.

1. software issue>>cant blame apple. ask the college for the upgrade [i'm assuming the serial number is for the upgrade]

2.thumbdrive and external HDD?

now, it all comes to the formatting of the devices.

fat vs ntfs.

osx can only read ntfs, but can't write on it. that's why u were able to access/read ur HDD, but can't transfer them.

U can't really blame macs as the environment's pretty windows-cramped rite?


anyway, hope this frustration won't be lengthened.

enjoy doing it! ♥ i would lol

and happy birthday non-bio mommy *waves hand*