Friday, May 22, 2009

What a relieve! What the heck?!

Well, the connection is bad as usual, I wonder what makes the connection goes so slow lately?

A few things to update today, things which make me felt so relieve and happy. Read on if you want to know what it is about.

I happened to come across with something terrible last year in November 24. I went to Old Town at Sunway with Geoffrey, Florence and Winnie for some discussion and then that freaking ‘S’ incident happened to me. As it was new to me, I don’t know what to do but just to deny the existence of it.

Few months passes and I was still holding it, in my novel. Some friends told me not to keep holding it but I did not listen to them. Not that I don’t listen to their advice actually, but I don’t know what to do. I tried getting some friends to help me, some agreed to help at the beginning but at the end said sorry.

Fast forward till yesterday, after trying so hard to look for the way and whatnot, I finally managed to solve my problem! Money wasted but still, I am happy. At least I won’t be feeling guilty and scared anymore, hope there will be no letter sent to my place or I will seriously get into trouble.

This time, the picture above is related with my entry. I finally handed in my assignment. Pre-production documents, logging sheets, burned original and finalized DVD of my recording, all put together nicely into an envelope. Finally done! Even though I realized there are many mistakes I’ve made, but I don’t want to think about it anymore!

One to one presentation movie premiere coming soon and Assignment 3 on HTML and CSS is rushing towards my direction. Scary.

Despite good things happened these 2 days, bad luck do like approach me. This morning, I realized my phone was not connected to Maxis’s network so I switched off my phone, thinking of restarting it later and hopefully it will be fine. But after N times of switching on and off, taking out my sim card, searching the network and exchanging sim card with my friend, nothing works.

My sim card is crashed! Now I have no phone to use, so please don’t bother to even call or SMS me anymore. I am so sorry for the inconvenient causes. And since I never sign in my MSN for more than 2 weeks, I would like to tell you that I won’t be signing in for the time being, as nothing much I can do there too. Do send me e-mail if you wish to contact me. 

That’s all for now, have fun and enjoy yourself my friends!

2 inner voice(s):

samanthacje said...

yea i know what u mean. it happened to me the other day and i spent the whole day panicking wondering abt the poor ppl who wanted to contact me and couldnt. finally had to spend RM 10 to get a new simcard at the end of the day after going around in circles =.=

Seng Hoo said...

No phone to use? Thought only your sim card is hysterically crashed? HAHAAAA.
No phone NUMBER to use larhhhhhhhh! XD
& I pity you for that.