Friday, May 29, 2009

Inspiration Needed

Am I photogenic? Am I? Am I? A photographer said that to me today, am I? LOL.
But whether I am or not, I'm still plain o' me! No different. 

Like what the title says, inspiration needed. This is one of the banners I had in mind (for my assignment) and this is also the only one I’ve made last night. I don’t know whether is this okay or should I add in any other elements? To me I thought it’s good enough as it’s rather simple and easy on (my) eyes. What say you?

Or maybe you think the whole concept is a total bullshit and I should create another batter one? Do you have any suggestion for me? Well, actually the width of this banner is already wrong and I have to readjust it anyways, why not let me know if there’s anything I can improve on?

People! Due date is approaching you know? And I am having lots of assignments piling up like a little hill in my room. I need motivation, I need determination, I need inspiration! Ush!

Ulcer alert! The one and only one freaking big ulcer on the left cheek inside my mouth is seriously damn painful! It is as big as a quarter of a 5 cent! Seriously aching, and trust me, it’s ugly and you will not want to see it!

Kinda swollen too. Otherwise I won’t be able to bite the exact spot for about 5 times during my lunch earlier. Painful~

4 inner voice(s):

Danny said...

hmmm . about the banner.. can i just say something?

1. the story/concept is not strong .. i can't tell what is the main message that u want to tell

2. the flow is kinda weak .. u have so many things everywhere... which is a bit busy.. cos u din have a CLEAR direction for us to see from one thing to another

3. images.. not sure if u want to select one thing to be your key items.. then make it slightly bigger han others.. than having everything in same size and shade..

hope that it is useful to u la.. or me just bullshitting ...LOL

小老鼠 said...

drink more water, ok? :)

Seng Hoo said...

The one in Moody Day could be better. HAHA.
& you should take opinions, yes. But, ignore them. Do whatever you think, you like and as long contentment reveals - you're relieved :)

Besides, I think it looks fine anyway. Well it is kinda dull though ;p oh crappy- me .

Florence said...

take care loo...recently the weather really hot... :P better guai guai drink more water n don't eat those fried food :)