Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lovely Sunday

Thought of being random tonight. So I posted a totally non related photo and I am going to complain about something. So what do you think about this banner?

I am a slacker. It’s a fact and those who follow my blog would have already known about it. So as usual, I slacked through my weekends with nothing done, when I am supposed to rush on my Advertising 3rd assignment, Media Context 3rd assignment (both major long essay), Broadcasting 10-piece journal and a TV writing exercise, Digital Media website (but need to create a banner first). Hey can I use the one on top instead?

Finally at the end of Lovely Sunday, I’ve decided to edit one assignment of mine, due to result of having 25% of plagiarizing content. But the fact is, the TurnItIn program is not good! Writing something as common as “the fact is” could be considered as plagiarizing as someone else from somewhere in the world, within this 2 years, had already wrote the exact same phrase. 

So what can we do? It seems the best thing we can do is to “paraphrase”. I even have 1% plagiarized from a high school kid, and it was one of my references (not body of content). Why on earth I want to copy a high school kid’s work? I know how to do my own referencing list okay? A few percentages from the other University, and most of them were from the past students (aka seniors) and my fellow classmates.

So I was like WTH-ing the whole while during the editing. I was practically replacing words by words and skipped some of them, and the whole referencing list. I don’t know what to do!

Oh well. Stop complaining. I guess I should go to sleep. But I have a few more readings to do. OMFG. Hahaha! 

Good night my loyal readers!

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Seng Hoo said...

You're taking Mass Comm', are you?
& the banner seems... normal?
You have too much college talk. HAHAAAAAA.