Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Me & My Randomness

I've created this banner a few days ago, unfortunately due to some circumstances it can’t be placed on the header, so I decided to stick with the normal plain one (as you can see on top of my blog). Well, it’s not really a nice one so forget about uploading it.

So how’s everybody? I realized there are 2 voices heard (comments I meant) in my previous entry, was kinda shocked though, because getting a feedback is harder than going to the moon without the oxygen tank. And it’s very rare, really! 

I seldom read blogs, but I definitely love blogs with less words. I know I know, mine has lots of words, so? This is like my style of blogging for this blog. One random picture (sometimes 2), plus bunch of words below it! That’s why most people hate to read my blog as they don’t get the relation of the picture and text. How sad.

Anyways, I am planning to create some videos, again RANDOM videos, of me talking craps. I thought it might help me in improving my ‘oral speaking’ (in English) since I can’t really speak fluently. I would like to try this and post it in my blog. What say you? Again, do not question me how long the video gonna be or how long till the next updated video, cause it will all be done RANDOMLY.

Hehe, me and my randomness.

So do support, and thanks for being with me all the time! Cheerio!

1 inner voice(s):

rae said...

idea seconded! <3