Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Element Gang [V 2.0]

I spent approximately 8 hours on this can!

Tadaa! Out of boredom, I've created this. Well, sounds familiar right? It's because I've said the same phrase in February, when I created the very first Element Gang group picture with faces of the naive ones. This time, I uses non of the members but attires with the natural element. How was it? Click here to compare with the older version.

Actually I was quite ambitious earlier, wanted to create more than 4 elements for example rainbow and wind, but even to create these four had already taken 8 hours, and it's actually 1am now, so I don't think I want to continue anymore. Perhaps other time if I am really bored. 

Some of you might ask, why Element Gang? If you want to know why? May as well proceed to my previous entry, 《The Element Gang》 and find out why. I don't want to comment much on the group, since it's sort of being 'left aside' now, but still I love you people! (Disgusting right, I know.)

Oh yea, I don't mind comments or critiques on my work, since I know I am not good in Photoshop (pretty much becaues I don't have the exact tools and the exact knowledge), was just having fun though. Do let me know if there is anything I can improve on, but please don't be too harsh on me can? Will be hurt easily... *vomit blood*

So yea! Got to go now, it's already 1.19am, need to wake up early tomorrow for breakfast with my girlfriends! Good night!

3 inner voice(s):

Debbie said...

Oh. Em. Gee.
Even I can't do crazy crap like THIS.

This is freaky berAWESOME!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! So creative!

Anonymous said...

wow nice.. =D
certainly creative!