Monday, May 4, 2009

SOC Carnival 08' After Party

It has been requested since last year. But due to time constrain, and other factors too, the post mortem of the project, as well as the after party had been dragged and dragged for ages. Finally, almost half a year past after the event is done, we had our after party at Ms Natasha's condominium in Cyber Jaya. 

So, no doubt, those people above are my classmates, and obviously I'm somewhere in the picture as well! Try guessing where am I! [It's kinda obvious though]

Well, I suppose this is the first college outing with such big bunch of them. Normally I just go out with a few of them at once, maximum goes to 10 of them. But this time, about 23 of us attending this after party. Kudos people for making it a success!

However, I do believe they did not finish all the food, and thank goodness no one kick me into the pool since I was so annoying keep controlling the budget and whatnot. [Hello, I'm the treasurer, of course I keep track of the money right?]

Oh yea, and I missed the part where all 8 cars drive together, depending on one driver who knows the way, leading us all to our final destination. Beside the fact that some of us drives recklessly and almost got into accidents, the overall part of the driving session was fun. I always wanted to experience such occasion, but I never want to be the driver anymore!

So yea, I am not going into detail on what happened during the event. Otherwise I'll have to type until 4 in the morning. I've have IDM class still tomorrow ok? So once again, good job in making this a successful party. 

Looking forward the next outing together. 
[with good & sweet memories =)]

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