Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Uncle Ming's Delicious Beef Ball (Part 1)

Disclaimer: The story below is not factual and it contains violence element. If you do not wish to continue please click on the “x” button on your browser and close it. Thank you. Oh yea, before I forget, the picture above has no any direct relationship with the story below, it’s only for déco purposes. My virgin story, first ‘production’. Here goes:


Ming Kee Beef Noodle was one of the restaurants I like to visit whenever I go to the town, mom used to bring me there when I was young. I still visited the restaurant once a while after I started my college life in one of the colleges around. Uncle Ming used to call me “Simon Boy” even though I was with my college mate and my friends will always laugh at my nickname, nothing funny about it, but they just found it cute. Even though the shop was always full with customers, Uncle Ming will definitely find me an empty table and make sure I finished at least 2 bowls of Beef Noodle. I like the chili sauce especially, it is so nice that I poured it all over my noodle before I started eating. My friends will shout at me and call me crazy, they even gave me another nickname -- “Chili Boy”.

Unfortunately, Uncle Ming’s business went down after 2007 and even though he still manages to sustain the restaurant, not many customers dine in each day. As usual, when I visited him, he will still welcome me with his friendly smile, his trademark, and will often give me extra beef ball in my bowl. I felt sad for Uncle Ming but nothing much I can do to help him. All I can offer is my moral support, which doesn’t help much in his business. I knew the business was bad all the while, but I never expected that Uncle Ming actually did that just to bring back his business. It’s all because of superstition, I reckon. The man who wears a top hat with black overcoat must have said something which influenced Uncle Ming to have such scary action. I never consume anything related to beef since then.

Nevertheless, Uncle Ming’s restaurant got popular with the tasty beef ball 3 years later and the amount of customers were double than he used to have. However the crime rate boosted up during that time, there are always missing people around that area, but nothing can stop those hungry customers from risking their own life, for the famous tasty beef ball. Myself, on the other hand, seldom go to that area since the crime rate is quite overwhelming, and I don’t want to let my parents worry. I will just visit Uncle Ming, once a while, which I got nothing much from him but just the usual trademark smile and left him after that. He was busy, very busy, and don’t even have the time for a short chat. 

According to the customers and the reviews written by some bloggers, the beef balls are juicy. Once you bite it, some yummy liquid will spill out and you will not want to waste any single drip. If it dripped on the table, you will eventually, have this strange desire to lick the whole table and make sure it’s clean, not wasted. You will do it too, even if it dripped onto the ground. The chili sauce is also very nice, even though it looks diluted, but the taste is still there. It is addictive, you will crave for more, even if you are someone who never fancy chili sauce. I don’t know, that’s just what I heard and read from the internet. I never tasted it, and felt relived not tasted it too!


What do you think will happen next? What Uncle Ming did to get back his business? What kind of "superstition" that Simon mentioned? Why did Simon felt relived not tasted those tasty juicy beef ball? Stay tune and continue reading Part 2 tomorrow! Mean while, comment please =D

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k3lv1n87 said...

i know i know !!
uncle ming put drugs ??

raeshad said...

is this a Malaysianized story of Sweeney Todd : Demon Barber of Fleet Street???

Will there be musical playing around Uncle Ming's restaurant?


Xie Bin said...

"If it dripped on the table, you will eventually, have this strange desire to lick the whole table and make sure it’s clean, not wasted. You will do it too, even if it dripped onto the ground." omg... sound so desperate!!! hahaha! i know what will happen next!!! :p woohoo!!! simon boy... chili boy... -_-|| hahaha!!!