Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Resolution

So yea, this is the first time I am doing this, I am not quite sure how it supposed to be done, point form or essay form? Guess I should do it my own way, so that I can understand better?

First thing first, since I never buy myself anything during my own birthday, I am getting myself a present! Anything affordable, but I am looking forward for a hair straightener. I just can’t believe my teen age is ending real soon!

Talk about myself. I think I should stop drinking too much of cold, sweet and gassy drinks. Instead of cold Chinese tea, should drink hot; instead of Milo ice, should order without ice. Only to consume bubble tea or ice lemon tea once a while, and soft/can drinks, should be reduced. 

Food wise, should consume less meat but more vegetable, I seriously hope I can do that. Avoid oily food and also fast food =( Oh yea, I guess I should try to exercise more too, if there is time of course, or perhaps sign up for gym.

In college. Be a better student, not to play or fool around, be serious and need to hand in assignments on time, not to skip classes without a good reason. Note down all important notes and make sure I manage my time wisely.

Extra co curricular? I will still be a LEO Club member, perhaps not taking any post but just a normal member. Student council? A normal member perhaps. Posts are not important to me now. If time allows, will join more clubs, otherwise, 2 is just fine.

Friends are very important to me. Hanging with the correct people at the correct time is an important thing I should learn. Making new friends, another thing I should do =) Girlfriends? Not so sure, and don’t want to think about it first, will let the fate to decide.

So yea, a short one. If I can realise all these at the end of 2009, then I guess I will be a better person? LOL. But seriously, I hope everything will be fulfilled. May my wish come true!

P.S. - Do these actually consider a year resolution? I wonder...



• Get myself a birthday present
• Stop cold, sweet & gassy drinks
• Stop fast food & meat, more vegetable
• Exercise
• Be a good college student
• Extra co-curricular
• Friendship


• Belt
• Neck Tie
• Cap and/or Visor
• Formal Clothing
• Hoodie
• Digital Camera and/or DSLR
• iPod Touch
• Laptop

3 inner voice(s):

Xie Bin said...

what a LONG list of resolution!!! haha! if all are fulfilled, i will see a healthier JC at the end of 2009! aiya, just take it easy! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

LiGhT said...

hei brother:


xy said...

happy new year^^