Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Uncle Ming's Delicious Beef Ball (Part 2)

Disclaimer: The story below is not factual and it contains violence element. If you do not wish to continue please click on the “x” button on your browser and close it. Thank you. Oh yea, before I forget, the picture above has no any direct relationship with the story below, it’s only for déco purposes. My virgin story, first ‘production’. Let's continue:


According to the customers and the reviews written by some bloggers, the beef balls are juicy. Once you bite it, some yummy liquid will spill out and you will not want to waste any single drip. If it dripped on the table, you will eventually, have this strange desire to lick the whole table and make sure it’s clean, not wasted. You will do it too, even if it dripped onto the ground. The chili sauce is also very nice, even though it looks diluted, but the taste is still there. It is addictive, you will crave for more, even if you are someone who never fancy chili sauce. I don’t know, that’s just what I heard and read from the internet. I never tasted it, and felt relived not tasted it too!

After visiting him for a few times, I realized that there is no other worker other than Uncle Ming. I always wonder why don’t he hire someone to help him out but always don’t even get a chance to talk to him. Of course I understood why after the whole “man missing” mystery was revealed. Thinking back, I was lucky and smart enough not to dine in the restaurant seeing there are so many customers in the restaurant, otherwise I probably became one of the “cannibals”. And I bet those customers who finally realized what the “special ingredient” was, added into the beef ball and chili sauce will puke and decide to be vegetarian after the incident.

Apparently, according to the chief inspector, someone made a report saying that they last heard their relative from the restaurant and got lost in contact after that. Police officers went for an investigation and finally found out the truth that Uncle Ming was the criminal all the while – kidnapping lonely man/woman and slaughter them in his kitchen. The victim’s flesh were separated from the bone, grinded and mixed together with the beef. The blood, was collected, and added into the chili sauce and as colouring for the mince meat, to make it look reddish black. 

Whatever it is, I still believe Uncle Ming is not such bad person, at least not before the good business. Uncle Ming told me that day before he got caught into the police car, the man who wears a top hat with black overcoat, he told him that this is the best way to change his luck, to gain back what he had lost last time. According to the mystery man, there is a demon in the restaurant that causes all these bad luck on him, he is so mighty that no one can get rid of it, except of one thing – Human Blood. Believing what the mystery man said, he tried with the one and only customer in the restaurant, a fat man with a bad manner, and finally leads to the consequences today.


So, what do you think about it? Mind to share your comments with me? Thanks! I need to improve my English writing and language skills, so do help me. And comments will be moderated, I will post it up once I go through every single one. Thank you.

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*Anton* said...

Sounds like the famous HK "char siew pau" movie le! ^_^


raeshad said...

hey jason.

well, to be honest, i like part 1 more than part 2.

i find that in part 2, you were kinda hasty and was just trying to *resolve* the story.

the plot is interesting still.

and kudos for the virgin. it's still great.....

Xie Bin said...

yay! my guess is correct!!! he is a human slasher!!! not bad arh you, write a story. i don't think i have the perseverance to write one myself! and omg with the delicious beef ball. lucky i'm not one who fancies beef.

i'm still thinking of your "If it dripped on the table, you will eventually, have this strange desire to lick the whole table and make sure it’s clean, not wasted. You will do it too, even if it dripped onto the ground." ewww...