Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fugly Leg

Well, since Su Qi so nice got Jack to ask me about my wound, I decided to post it up and show every single one who is reading this piece of entry. Fugly, I know. But what can do? Unless I saw my leg away from my body, otherwise I have to bear with it for the rest of my life. Yes, FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, since I am foreseeing that it will leave a deep long scar on my left leg.

Those scab keep peeling off and it irritates me a lot. It hurts too! I have to use the nail clipper to cut it away, before it hurts me more. Look at the picture again, my leg look so horrible, like a rotting leg, cannot stand it omigosh.

Talk about rotting leg, it reminds me about the conversation between me and Jaishree. She was asking me whether do I follow any TV series, but the conversation soon lead us into this weird topic.

She asked whether am I an Internet chatting person, I replied her that I am not but a person who rots at home. Then I told her that I have an army of maggot warriors which are well trained by me, they are all herbivore and very obedient.

The funny thing was, she asked me to teach her the way I train my maggots buddies. I told her that only lone rangers will have this special abilities to "communicate" with whatever that came out from their body (i.e. maggots) by using our special ability - telepathic brain wave.

Silly and lifeless. What can I do?

2 inner voice(s):

Anonymous said...

wow.. i hope your leg gets well soon! =)

Xie Bin said...

i have enough of your leg!!! hahaha! recover, heal, recover, heal!!! BOOF!!! there you go! :D