Friday, December 12, 2008

Should or Should Not?

Picture of me and my Leo friends.

Saw the girl in the middle who wears a green tee? She's Mun Suet, and you know what? Today is her Big Day! Happy Birthday girl! 1 year older now, but don't worry, I will not reveal your age, since it's like a secret for all females. *grins*

Anyways, the title above doesn't relates to Mun Suet's birthday, but my result. Should I or should I not check my result? I know I've done it badly, but I don't want to ruin my holiday (even though it will not effect too much on my mood, but when I think about it, of course I will be sad), I am afraid that I will fail my subjects! 

Chatted with Winnie just now, she told me that only 2 out of 4 of the result were out. Means, even if I check it now, I need to come back and check it again for the other 2 remaining subjects. Might as well wait for everything to come out and check it all at once? I am scared la~

I know, I should have more confident on myself, but I don't have that hope and faith within me, I don't trust myself!!! C'mon, I know myself better than anyone of you do, my limit, my strength, my everything! Arrgghh~ I just feel like giving up.

Again, what's the point of giving up? I still have to continue studying! Without a certificate, I am nothing! I can die, unless I be a gigolo to work for food, but look at all the wounds and scratches all over my body, who wants me? LOL. (and I am not going to humiliate myself this way, even though this is also consider an occupation, I know I can do better than that!)

On top of that, I have my dream to chase. A dream that my parents will definitely don't like it. But I will just give it a try, after my degree. Some people should know what is that, but I am not revealing here. It's not a cool or big dream like how people dream to be a model or celebrity (even though I hope I can be one of those but definitely I can't), but at least, I have a dream =D

So, I guess I should check it now right? Since I can't keep my mood happy first, and suffer later? I am so a loser! I am always being the GREAT for some 'reasons', without those 'reasons', I am not worth a cent! 

Sad life... sad sad life.

p/s: do I look great in that picture?

6 inner voice(s):

Xie Bin said...

*faint at your p/s* okok you look grea! LOL.

i'm always afraid to look at/check my results coz i know i sure do badly when i know i will do badly. like you've said, "I know myself better than anyone of you do, my limit, my strength, my everything!" yup yup totally agree!

so have you checked your results? LOL! being a kpo now!

Alden said...

Don't worry, you look so handsome.
But, Mun Suet look so FAT.. Hahaha

♫╬ Chloe Aldrich ╬♪ said...

You look tall in the picture lol.

Just check the result la or else you wait for the other two then you check it. Then happy one time or sad only one time. lol!

I know what's your dream. You type it in your blog already. Well, I hope I can be one too.. but I'm too much of muscles until i can't lose weight. >.< Sad one for me

*Anton* said...

From what I've read....your life isn't bad at all. In fact, yours is much much better than most.

Cheer up dude, life's treatin' you well. ^_^


TZ said...

Dude, whatever damage has already done... unless you have opportunities to change it... so be happy and enjoy before the result out.

BTW, you are the one that stand besides the birthday girl rite? ... errrr... what should I comment ? anyway, you look okay in the picture ... cool with no smile :p

Medie007 said...

well... u can always go ask ppl to help u check right? :P

and ps: dunno which one is u la. hahahahahah