Saturday, December 6, 2008

Short Update

What a tiring day, I just came back from Subang Parade and had a short meeting with some members at home. This is not my project, but a joint project with another 4 Alpha clubs. I am not part of the committee team but things happened, so I have to help out.

Christmas Charity Bazaar is the name. Do come and support us in Subang Parade on Saturday and Sunday. Buy presents for whoever you want, or you may pick an orphan's name and we will help you to send it over to them. Be a kind soul, make their life happier. You can do it!

Anyhow, I will be in PWTC working for the Education Fair. See me there if you want. Support my team and those Alpha clubs (in Subang Parade) alright?

Oh yea, for those who don't believe that I got tanned, and says that it's just because of the lighting, here is a picture to prove that I got tanned. Sorry if you think it is obscene. Just trying to justify myself and prove you are wrong, haha.

...and yes, I am a skinny boy with no muscle on any part of my body, but just a big round tummy which I am still able to hide it from being noticed.

4 inner voice(s):

Medie007 said...

so fast update

pikey said...

waaaaaah, sexy pic!! and is it the arm positioned intentionally in that way to hide the tits? lolx

Xie Bin said...

okok you have just succeeded in proving me wrong!

aaronng88 said...

wa.. ur arms very tan compared to the rest of u .. and get well soon o.. pooor thing.. such a big scratch