Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping Spree

I woke up at 8.30am this morning, supposed to go for badminton, who knows I suddenly got diarrhea, so plan canceled. Felt so sorry now =(

Went for breakfast with mom and sis in SS14, then when we are about to reach home, I simply told my mom that I wanted to go Pyramid and she asked me to bring my sis along for shopping. Since she is paying us, so why not? Brought my sis to Pyramid at around 12pm.

Not bad actually, I managed to spent RM 94 for 4 shirts. V-neck, round neck, green, white, black and gray. Mom still have not scan through my shirts yet, don't know whether pass or not.

I spent another RM 32 extra for 3 books. Hahaha, I can spend more time on reading already =) A total of 6 books waiting for me to read now.

So yea. Now I already have 5 new shirts, 2 new jeans and a pair of new shoes. 5 new books and also a new glasses too! I guess there is no more shopping till the end of 2009. I think I still need a belt, a neck tie, a cap or a visor, formal cloth, hoodie and more. Ish, but I can't spend anymore, who want to buy me an early Christmas gift?

People, just an reminder for you guys. Please don't buy the ice cream shown in the picture above, it's so darn expensive! And I think it doesn't taste good too, I suppose. But if you think you want to make yourself happy, then just go ahead la, I don't think I will be going for a second time XD

Uncertain why, but I am now having this craving for chocolate =P

p/s: should I or should I not cut my hair?

3 inner voice(s):

*Anton* said...

The texture of the ice cream looked so .....salah!

Shopping ......u had access to the lil' square plastic thingy, rite?


Takashi said...

anyway.. how expensive is an ice-cream is very subjective...

to me.. NZN ice cream is still affordable, although HD is over a bit la.. BR is not even in the list cos I just dont like BR hahaha... Other than that, any gelato is reasonably priced :)

♫╬ Chloe Aldrich ╬♪ said...

why your clothes have to scan through by your mum?????

Craving for chocolate?
by imported one! haha!