Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm back from Genting Highland!

A last minute decision. I joined the Leo Gang to Genting for a night and had fun there! I shall name it "A Gay Trip". How gay you asked? Very GAY! Nyahahaha, but you have to wait for that entry.

Leo Leadership Camp's entry is still pending and now Genting Gay Trip. Oh, I need to get those pictures fast!

A question I would like to ask, since I have no pictures to post about LLC or GGT, for those who already left your secondary (high school) life: Do you miss your secondary (high school) life?

I don't. For some reason. Not very personal but will somehow affect my life for sure. I just hate that feeling when I think about it. Even if I don't think about it, I can see it for myself. I just can't escape it. 

Screw it. Now and the future is the most important to me, I believe. My college life, is somehow similar but I think I can cope better than the "previous life". Besides that, I have my Leo friends who are always there for me too. 

I appreciate them a lot, especially those I met these few days =)

2 inner voice(s):

Silencer said...

high school is the best, in my opinion. haha. u must have encountered something really awful.

aaronng88 said...

ahaha~ =) genting trip~ post pix lor! how to untan urself a? hmmm.. stay in the shade? drink lots of milk or soya.. put sunblock b4 u leave the house~ =)