Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I am having this small little confusion here and yea, I am not so happy about it. Anyways, whatever happened, is already over. I am just here to chill myself, by updating something onto my blog, before people start complaining that this is a dead blog. LOLz. And not forgetting, Merry Christmas to all my fellow readers!

I am celebrating my 19th Christmas, like how I celebrated all the while, at home, without celebrating =D Was prohibited to go out as what I thought, and had this small argument with mom earlier because of that too. Haih, what can I do? I am meant to be protected by my family.

The world had changed. And I pity those with eyesight problems who can't really differentiate male and female properly. Or maybe is just me? I somehow don't understand how the world works now, so tell me, am I a girl or a guy? I don't know, I always called myself the PRINCE. I was told that I am a good BOY. And even when I fill in whatever important forms or document, I make sure I mark the column MALE. No one stop me, but seriously, I am confuse now. Am I really a GUY? Haha, what a funny question to ask.

Or am I a LESBIAN? Cause, I don't know why, there are just way too many GIRLS who fall in love with me, likes me, admires me, loves me, adores me, wanted to be with me. So if I am a LADY, a GIRL, a FEMALE, a SHE, then, they are all LESBIANS.

Princess I shall call myself, huh?

My close friends, of course I don't mind if you are joking. Call me whatever you want. CINDERELLA, SISSY, GAY, HOMO, GIRL, PRETTY BOY, whatever, just call! Any animal names like SOTONG, TORTOISE, PIG... go ahead. But those whom I don't consider close friends, you have no rights to humiliate me like that. Think about it. 

I never punch you on your face doesn't mean I am weak. It's good enough that I am mentally and emotionally strong, but I am not a robot, and I do have feelings. So it's normal if I want to complain once a while in my blog. I don't like to remember all these though. I will just tend to forget and release it, about forgiveness, I will think about it.

Do you think I will believe you after so many times of you lying to me? You think you can buy my time with money? I admit, it seems pretty tempting and yes I LOVE MONEY! So what? If it's like what you said earlier, how can you simply spread about my bad things around? Such hypocrite man! 

Yes, and if you are reading this entry. You can stop thinking of SMS me anymore. I mean, I don't want to think about all the past. I am normal, and have feelings. I am afraid, and you may stop bothering me. But, thanks for the message, and thanks for the cash you are trying to spend on me. What you want to do with your other friends, I don't bother to know. My birthday coming soon, I know, but I don't know what else I can talk to you. Thanks again anyways.

Felt so left out lately. Thanks to my friends for taking care of me so much! I mean, I know you guys are good and yea, I will definitely miss you guys. So better not leave me even if you think I am annoying. Hahaha.

So yea people, do use your brain. If you seriously don't know how to differentiate male and female, I teach you one way. Go take off their cloth, and yours as well. Compare. If you have the identical, or at least, similar body parts, then you guys fall in the same category. That's the way. Think about it okay? I personally think it's quite useful =D

Merry Christmas people!
Happy Celebrating!

P.S. - I finally got all the pictures, so please stay tune for "A Gay Trip" alright?

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Harmony said...

Well... You be urself and soon you'll find out who you are

Xie Bin said...

wow, fierce JC. i was talking to my close friends yesterday and they tell me to don't keep the unhappiness to yourself, tell him/her straight in his/her face that you're unhappy with his/her doings. :D but personally i don't think i can do that, yet. they're encouraging me. (: so i encourage you, too. haha! this is also to remind myself to do that. so i must thank you too, for letting me remind myself like that. omg, what am i talking about, really is confusion now. you lah, confusion entry. your fault now. anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!

teapot said...

chill sai lou. things will be fine. and you always get my support. ^^ Merry xmas

xy said...

merry xmas
n take care^^

Stephy: said...

Merry Christmas to you Jason! A new year is coming, so let by gone be by gone.. pls don't keep all your unhappiness to 2009, ya.

Write down all the bad things and disappointment onto a paper and put it in the box/bottle and then throw it away far far..before end of 2008.

on the other hand, write all your wishes and goal for 2009 and keep it in the box and then make a wish to God on 31/12/08 midnight. May your wishes come true! :)

Cheer up bro!

Jason Law said...

Really nice, a group of frens who can hang out 2gether..

When loading ur page, it uses all my connection speed but when loading mine, it only takes about 20% of it..weird..

Anyway, thx for helping and I bet you enjoyed your trip immensely ^^

Florence said...

like the 1st pic u post..tats nice =) so got xmas feel ^^