Monday, December 15, 2008

Cute Boy

A cute boy kissed me so many times last night =D I knew he likes me, I can feel that. He wants my hug somemore, felt so honour since not many people get to hug him. He is, around 3 or 4 years old. Looks a bit like an Eurasian, just like me when I was young, at his age (probably that's the reason he likes me). Didi is his nickname, and he called me Monkey Boy Little Monkey. Do I look like one?

Anyways, Santa Clause will be busy this weekend. Because he is busy camwhoring with kids and parents in Mid Valley, and earning money for charity. He is doing a good job, so kids, if you found no presents in your stocking, please don't blame Mr Santa, he's busy you know? Go meet him directly in Mid Valley and have a photo shot with him =)

Education fair has finally over! If you wanna meet me during the next fair, come visit us next year in March. Will be having the 26th Education Fair that time. I will probably be working again.

Oh yea, screw that lady that calls me a sissy. Even if she did that because she likes me or trying to get my attention, she is a female dog =D Which part of me looks like a sissy? Tell me, I am tanned and full of scars, sissy won't have so many manly symbols. 

The Christmas Bazaar has finally over too. We will make sure those orphans from the 6 selected orphanages will get a present during this coming Christmas. Do come for the Christmas Present Presentation in Subang Parade on the 20th of December. Profits earned will as well goes to the charity, to help those in need.

Okay, now I am officially free, from work and club. I need to do my report though, have not started yet. And probably going for a trip on the 22 of December. Do ask me out, inform me a few days earlier, need to plan a proposal for my parents to get the "Get Out Home Pass" from them. =D

Oh yea, suddenly feel like being in love. Hahaha, do you have any candidates for me? Of course, the main thing will come back to feel. If there is no mutual feel between 2 lonely soul, no matter how good looking or how smart you are, the relationship will never last long. Right? Hahahaha, come send me an e-mail at with your personal information and picture attached. I will contact you if I think you are suitable =D 

OMG. Look how desperate am I? Being lame again =)

6 inner voice(s):

Takashi said...

yes indeed lame :P

so have you gotten yourself the "escape" pass yet?

TZ said...

hey dude, got Santa claus accepting people to sit on his lap for photo shooting .. KeenYee and i wanted to sit on Santa's lap... Need to tell Santa my wish. Visit my entry about Sitting on Santa's lap (

Monkey boy... you are so hairy and sexy one ah... ;p Wah you need to get homepass one ... anyway, free to join me @ laundry bar for FlyFM Campur Chart this Thursday 10pm. Can get pass ah?

*broken promises* said...

gosh, pretty lady wants to be in out of ordinary..lols..hope u'll get one suitable punya soon! hahaha..lame ass fella :P

Florence said...

got someone fatt hao edi ~xD

Zach said...

What are your requirements? :P

Joanne said...

Since u'r the Mr.Santa, any present for me? Am your dearly sis i guess u wont hak bok me. ^^