Monday, December 1, 2008

Real Short Update

Well, what are you people doing so far? This picture was taken on Friday when i went to college to settle some Carnival stuff. It's finally over! I am so relief. I then met Junior and had lunch with him and this fella came interrupt us. How adorable huh? I think she is as vain as me, and she kept posing for me, and I think she "meow" me asking me to be faster. Hahaha~ So cute! Don't you think so?

Oh yea, do drop by tomorrow. I will be posting up my first virgin "production", I mean, story. A very lame, dull, have lots of grammatical error story and everything is not factual. I had made it up myself, by thinking about it. So remember, come support me, give comment and correct my language. Thank you.

4 inner voice(s):

*Anton* said...

In anticipation! ^_^


Chester said...

your charm has attract cats also

TZ said...

Looking forward to your virgin entry... :-p

raeshad said...

cute cat xD

and wonderful story too :D

even though the genre's been over-done, you managed to make me read the next word after the next with anticipation.

2 thumbs up for a first part of a *virgin* :D