Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Suddenly feel like blogging but I don't know what to blog about. I received this picture not long ago from Florence which was taken during our Prom Night. Three of us were part of the committee members and picture taken while we are chillaxing backstage. Awesome right the picture? 

Anyways, thanks people for cheering me up when I was down. I don't know what to say but THANK YOU. Thanks for being there for me. Do come to me if you are sad or need a shoulder or even a pair of ears. I will definitely help you and listen to your story.

I have 3 more assignments before the holiday. And all due this week. And seriously, time is not enough for all assignments yet I am still here blogging. Or maybe I am just trying to keep my blog running. LOL.

Once again. Thanks people, for everything you had done for me.

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raeshad said...

** (^-^) **

that's me with a pom-pom to cheer you while you're working through your assignments xD

Xie Bin said...

a hunk with 2 babes. not bad ah you. what? you're going to have a holiday already? how dare you. all the best for your final lap before the holiday! go go go! -_- (lame...)

Ah-Bong said...

kewl! girl in purple dress is pwetty! :P

annyways, same here. tho i only have one report due this week and another one next week. but ya, i understand what u're feeling. TIME NOT ENOUGH ARRR! :P

Bengbeng said...

lucky u with two babes :)

Stephy: said...

Hey, i guess you should be feeling better right now. i was quite moody too last weekend but now alright already. ;)

As a human being, we do have emotions but we need to be very cautious as emotion can blind us sometimes. You shouldn’t think small about yourself. You definitely have something inside that is special. You can see how your friends react whenever you post your blog. When you are down, your friends dropped comments to encourage you and to brighten up your life. That shows how important are you to them. :-)

In your blog, you asked your readers what makes us stay to read & comment your blog. I think “you” are the reason why your readers stayed. I’m not sure about others, but to me, I see that you are a very thoughtful friend. Whenever your friend comments on your blog or on the chatter box, you will always acknowledge them. Even visitor that flyby your blog also you will thanked them for visiting your page. I’m actually quite impressed with you. When you are true to people, people will be true to you. Agree? And I also salute you that you can handle two versions of your blog (English & mandarin) concurrently.

In terms of your family problems, I believe every family would have their own problems. Family members are the one that we can’t change whether we like it or not. And family members are also the one will be with you in the end. Therefore, don’t have to be so upset with your parents (or mom) for not giving you freedom. Every parent definitely will take care and concern about their child. Perhaps your parents have used the wrong way that makes you feel peace off sometimes and you wish to run away from them.

I think I did share with you before when we meet last time. My mom was a very strict person as well. She also restricted a lot of rules in the family. When my sis and I became a Christian, we faced so many persecutions from her and siblings. But we never give up. Because of our persistence and endurance, things changed. My mom and siblings started to accept what we are now. The most happiest and unforgettable moment is where my mom and brother and sisters came to church to witness my baptism.

The reason why I share this with you is because I want to tell you that your mom sees you. She sees and observes the way you bring yourself up. Instead of blaming you have a restricted mom, maybe you could reverse your thinking and ask yourself why did your mom do this to you? Is it because you did not show/proof to your mom that you’ve grown up and knows how to take care of yourself. Proof to your mom that you are obedient and trust worthy child. When she have confidence in you, she will trust you.

I remembered you did share with me before that one day you forgot to msg her that you have reached a destination. And she sent sms to you whether have you forgotten your mom’s name. Now this is where you need to give her the assurance. In order to obtain her trust in you, you must do what you meant. Whenever you promise her, you must remember to fulfill it. Even if she did not remind you to call her, make a courtesy to call her first. I’m sure she will felt surprised and immediately she will add points for you.

Spend time with her and share with her what have you been up to. Every parent likes to hear from their children. Through daily conversation, they will know what your maturity level. And you too, would be able to catch their thoughts and understand them better.

Well, I guess this is the most long-winded comment you ever received. You don’t have to post it out. I hope you will consider my advice and try it with your mom for a few months. I look forward for more positive blog from you or perhaps a little update on this progress.

Take good care of yourself and I pray that God will give you strength and wisdom as you work on your assignments. May the peace of God be with you.

Yea, pls find one day to join us for karaoke/any outing during your holiday. We would like to catch up with you too. Or maybe go to your house to visit your mom. Who knows Calista and I might be able to brain wash your mom. Haha….

Anyway, good night.