Sunday, November 16, 2008


After working in front of the computer for more than a year, almost everyday, and due to the stresses I got from college, club and assignments, I found out something terrible!

The pores on my face are getting larger and my skin, especially on my face, is transforming into an orange-skin! (wonder if the radiation of the computer got anything to do with this?)

For those who don’t understand what orange-skin I am talking about, here is a picture to answer your doubt.
Still don’t understand? 
Nevermind, let me show you one close up shot.

Clear enough?

Beside orange-skin on my face, I also found lots of black head gathering around especially on my nose… what can I do? I don’t want to have an orange skin, it’s so ugly!!! The panda eyes is also still hanging along with me even though I have enough sleep these two nights. Oh dear~

I need advices!

Don’t want to be like this can?

9 inner voice(s):

Xie Bin said...

so sad my face also like that now. hi5. :p

nase said...

A visit to the beauty parlour should solve your worry, hehehe.

shawn said...

hmmm...wash more face lo whenever u are having ur bath lo...this is wad i do everytime when i bath...or u wan it to gone more quickly,u can buy a kind of sticky strips and paste it on ur nose tere,den tear it quickly..but then im not suggesting gor use this way la..quite painfull..another way is u can buy de face product that got seeds can rub off ur black dotes...

Stephy: said... are so funny. Don’t worry. It can be safe. Try using scrub (twice or once a wk), followed by daily normal cleansing wash, toner and moisturizer. Apply mask on your face once or twice a week too. I believe if you try it consistently, it will definitely help your skin to look better n fresh. But of course, most importantly is to sleep at the right time. Try avoid sleeping late cuz this will definitely damage your skin in a way. ;)
All the best and enjoy the facial moment. Guys need that too, ya!!

tw said...

1. You can go for facial. which cost u money.

2. Use more skin care product. which cost u money.

3. You can go for both. which cost MORE money.

4. Plastic surgery. which cost money as well.

LOL. don't stress too much la brother.

P/S: they say sperm is good for the face though. wanna give it a shot? LOL.

JunJun-Riko said...

WTF tw's comment... =.="
use the nose strip lor. easiest and not expensive compared to the other choices ur fren gave, =)

joshua said...

see a dermatologist if u are really worried and err, get more rest, less stress!

Zach said...

Sleep well, drink lots of water and eats lots of greens and fruits. Cheap and efficient!! I never spent much on facial products. Only cleanser I guess.

Btw, oranges are sweet, so are you. :P

Ah-Bong said...

let it be lor. :P