Friday, November 28, 2008

Crazy Moment

Boo! Did I scared you?

I know. Halloween’s already over and people are now busy preparing Christmas, and this picture of mine, do look scary and creepy (in a way) but I found it cute. Look, there are some certain time you need to love yourself, like how I shown you in my previous entry, but there are some certain time that you need to distress yourself, you need to release, before you go cuckoo! So like me, in order to make sure I don’t go cuckoo, I try something different to make myself look like one (what an excuse!), and I believe I did that, successfully. =D

What you need to prepare is a plastic bottle full of water, a tripod (or someone else), and your body part. Me, I chose my eyes and… wanna know what else I used? Go check out my photo blog, or click on [J] Style on the side bar. You will laugh your butt off after the photo shooting session, like seriously! A fun game to play indeed, shall walk with a bottle during next year Halloween.

p/s: this is what you will look like if you have nothing else to do, beside playing with your maggot friends and learning their language. I am officially CRAZY, need a job, seriously. Something to do =D

8 inner voice(s):

raeshad said...

u look like a cartoon character xD

Joanne said...

Oh my gosh...u look so CUTE man~~Feel like cubit u now!!! Lol

Medie007 said...

nice red lips! :P
not funny ler. blek. :P

*Anton* said...

You actually look cute, in a weird sort of way! :)

Have a wonderful weekend. ^_^


*Anton* said...

JC dear, you can post your questions and/or replies here. Dun worry, i've earmarked ur site and will therefore get ur messages.

Btw, the answer is "yes!" :)


Chester said...

so cute :P

Florence said...

LOL so funny la u nii..~XD

Xie Bin said...

oh gosh... haha! are you ok?