Sunday, November 23, 2008

Silly Me

Red represents love, happy and prosperous;
Red also represents evil, danger and violent.
But in this case, I will give you the third representation:
It represents anger, my anger, and you will not like it.

Obviously, I am not quite happy with what had happened lately, and I am gonna start complaining again, here, in my blog.

Seriously, at this age, you should know what ‘responsibility’ mean and I am expecting you to do what you should do but not the other way round.

You know that this is your job, unwillingly accepted by you, but you agreed to pick up this ‘responsibility’ then please make sure it is well done. Procrastinate will never help you success your job but to drown the whole team into the deep blue sea.

You think you are the mighty, the power, and you expect your followers to listen to you. The fact is, you are no mighty or power and you are just an ordinary human being. So please bear with it, and command your peers no more.

You are small and I believed that you debate well but if you can’t mirror those points to yourself and think about it, why should I listen? I mean, no point telling someone not to do so and so but you yourself are doing it in the end.

You are indeed wealthy physically but not wealthy mentally & emotionally, and that’s what fail you causing everything you have in your hand. Let it go and start collecting those important items you lost in your life, bit by bit. Listen to me and it benefits you.

Talk about being random. I am random now. Excuse me if you don’t feel nice about this entry. I know I am not a good person, being an ostrich hiding my head in my blog, shooting anyone and every one who touches me when I am not in a good mood.

‘You’, obviously is not just one specific person. I can be 2 of them, or 20 of them, or even YOU. Yes you, who are reading my blog now. So, wanna have a good luck guess on who I am pin pointing on? I will not tell you, even if you mentioned the correct person. Bah!

If you think I am not a good friend, ‘back stabbing’ you here in my blog, then I shall say nothing. That is, if you think the effort I am trying to make sure there are still friendship between us, is wrong. Seriously, I am just being critical, in my own way. Which I think it’s fine.

It’s okay, I can do it on my own. I will change for myself, for what I think is best to me. I am not dumb. Smile for me. I'm a big boy now =)

4 inner voice(s):

*Anton* said...

Well said, well said! ^_^
Dun think it wuz meant for me , right? :P

Have a wonderful week ahead ya, JC!


*Anton* said...

I know Dear Friend, juz teasing! ^_^


Xie Bin said...

oh no, must be me.

okok i smile for you, coz you're a big boy now.

haha! :p

raeshad said...

hmmm.....rant away.

it actually *is* therapeutic xD