Saturday, November 22, 2008

Freedom, I Need

Have a good guess on the amount of maggots I've collected within these 3 days, 1 big bucket full I tell you. Like OMG (sounds so bimbo, I know). Yea, was still rotting at home but luckily at least I still get to go out for meetings and party, otherwise it will not be only 1 big bucket of maggots, probably 3 or even more. Haha!

After looking through the calendar for a few times and making notes on it, I finally managed to find some entertainment for myself, at least I will not be over bored at home. I will go for meetings and a leadership camp in Kuala Kubu Bharu organized by my club, will be going to work during the education fair in PWTC and Mid Valley, and will be going on a trip to Bukit Merah with my girlfriends (yea, 4 girls with me the only guy, which we known ourselves as the FAB 5).

However, I will still have lots of free time, which I am not allowed to make any plan anymore, as my dad just scolded me for planning more trips after the one I mentioned earlier. I was planning to make probably another 2 more trips but he said I am already being too much. Staying at home being their good o’ little boy is what I am suppose to be. That’s the reason why I say that I have a 19-year-old young man’s body with only a 9-year-old boy’s mentality. Too much of protection provided by my parents. Like what William likes to call me, a Twitty Bird. I don’t like it but it best describes my life – always locked in a cage.

How am I supposed to meet people if I am always at home? Something has to be done on this matter, but what? I need to find some job, which able to get me out. Too bad I can’t find one, no one wants to hire me, can anyone help?

My parents are just being nonsense. I went out for a club meeting on Tuesday night. I went for a dinner reunion with 2 of the FAB 5 members on Thursday night. I attended a party on Friday night. And my mom complained to me that I go out every night. Again, I am expected to stay at home. I wish I can move to Australia as soon as possible, that is if my results are good.

Now I have a 2-hour meeting, a 6 days leadership camp, 4 days education fair job, and a 3 days trip for me until the end of December. Am I supposed to be satisfied or need to fight for more human rights? Or what I call, youth freedom (do I still consider youth? Or a young man?).

Hey people, come look for me on those 4 days when I work, make my life interesting can?

7 inner voice(s):

*Anton* said...

Please consider this... it's better to hv protective parents than not to hv any at all! :)

Anyway, it's not being totally locked-in, you still have ur activities, rite?

Have a wonderful Sunday! ^_^

Medie007 said...

oooo... what booth are u working at? i might by sheer chance drop by mid valley. hahaha

nase said...

Shall bring my nephew who is so interested in Taylors College to visit your booth! Looking forward to meeting you, JC!

Florence said...

I tot that u r juz jokin wif me that u parents is quite strict n make u nid stay at home more..but when u r goin to Aus 1 day? haha anyway hope u can be happy always ya=)

Xie Bin said...

erm... youth and young man about the same lah! :p and omg, so many plans, so busy!!! wth!!!

Alden said...

Same with me. My parents also strict de lor! Hate it! Everything want to control.. Arhhh. When you go Australia??? Why don't want go Bangladesh! Wakaka

Alden said...

Wakaka... Where you work? I go visit you! I'll bring boom together! To boom you. Muahahaha