Monday, November 17, 2008

Wild Boy

My pictures are getting limited and I need to go out and snap more pictures! Anyways, since I finished all my assignments and considering having my first day of holiday, I believe this is not really a hard task to be done. Except for the fact that I need to get permission from the warden couples, this is kinda hard though.

I need to go out, instead of rotting at home!!!

I feel like, meeting all my old friends, go out with bloggers, travel, have fun and not forgetting to earn money!!! I am so broke now. Mom took all my money that day and now I left so little to spend. I mean, I can't even spend those money, I promised myself to have minimum RM 800 in my account but now it went lower. I need to work to gain back that amount!

So do you guys have any good connection with good pay for me? I sincerely beg you guys. I need money, seriously. ($_$)

But seriously, I wish to go out, to meet more + new friends. To experience more + different experiences. And the main purpose is to prevent me to rot at home. Cause today itself can already kill me. So BORING!

I need to be set free. I am wild inside. Roar!

7 inner voice(s):

joshua said...

Now let your soul be free!


Haha, my uni does offer some part-time jobs, but it involves medical students touching and feeling you all over... interested?

joshua said...

hey it's me again...

well, this KL uni needs ppl "acting as patients" for medical classes.

pay's reasonable, not very high.

details? email me lor

raeshad said...

actually, you should take up josh's offer. My uni offers up till 60-100 euros for an hours worth of medical students poking you all over.

And don't worry. They'll only feel you up. And some chance to see some leng zai la, who might be *bent*

I'm sure your parents will allow that right? It is academically driven after all xD

And hey, congrats on finishing your assignments!!!!!

And yes, go out more-snap some snazzy pictures. Love them xD

Xie Bin said...

huh you are wild inside? LOL! yay for you, coz you can finally relax!!! i'd love to be in your shoes now though! i want to rot at home! :(

tw said...

dial 1-300-GAYS-PALS for everyday's entertainment. =D

then u won't be bored at home lor. hahahahahaa..

Joanne said...

Poor Jason....maybe we should plan to go somewhere?

nase said...

Hope you feeling better and roaring to go!