Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Read Out Loud

So what did you read from the picture above at the first glance?
A) Kid-sex-change
B) Kids-exchange
C) Something else

Be sincere !

A little update about my life. I am not really in a good mood these few days. Attempted to blog about some emotional entries but the mood just gone when I was typing the first sentence. No point continuing if the feeling no longer there right? 

Don't worry, I'll be okay. 4 final assignments awaiting me. After that, will be having my independence day. Future plan? Will decide later. Now I just need someone to do assignment with me. Or at least make sure I do my assignments.

Cheers people!

p/s: picture were found in some random website

6 inner voice(s):

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

A.. kid sex change haha

Xie Bin said...

oops! i read it as "A) Kid-sex-change". how huh? does it means something? :p haiya... i'll be died-busy these few days or coming weeks. but i'll still make sure you do your assignments one. wahahaha!

Stephy: said...

i read it as kid exchange. am i normal then?? haha...
anyway..keep it up.. i dink rite now, u need some musics to accompany you to complete your assignments. play some r&b musics or your fav songs while doing your assignments. it may help. ;)
take k fren..

alien said...

kid can change sex?

raeshad said...

hola mr jay XD

as per the question:: i read it as kid-sex-change . i guess, it's the brain trying to come up with something that we're accustomed to.

anyhoo, i can't promise anything, but I'll try and pester you into finishing the assignments. [but then, in doing so, it would only be defeating the purpose as that would have meant that you're spending wayyyy too much time online; instead of working on ur assignments XD]



Ah-Bong said...

i see both wor....