Monday, November 3, 2008

Slap Me Please

I wanted to post a picture of my sick, red-face look but it's quite unethical to spread my viruses around. I know "sharing is caring" but sometimes, you would not want to share something (bad) with those important people just like your readers, would you?

Wanted to post some picture of me having my first sushi lunch after my combo-sick attacks, but think again, after the attacks, I don't really look good and definitely will destroy the whole picture. So, forgive me people. All I can give you is the picture of the décor of the restaurant.

Judging by the title of this entry, I think you guys will start thinking that I am throwing myself into the world of EMO. Drowning myself in the water of DEPRESSION. Locking myself in the DARK CHAMBER. or even torturing myself with... whatever, you name it.

But no. I am happier than happy. I don't need to torture myself in such young stage.

Yes I know my life can be so boring. My blog can be dull. But I got my supporters, or I should say readers who provides comments regularly. Readers from Singapore to Ireland, and some from Malaysia. I love you people ! Thanks for supporting. (and yes, I like comments too. Do not hesitate to leave one but don't spam it please, a sincere thank you by me)

May this be a random entry. I don't know why or what to write about.

Slap me please, and make sure I am awake. I can't believe after going through so much hassles, I am still slacking like a slacker. Being myself like how I am usually like. Not a bad thing though, but it's very terrible. When am I going to wake up?

Or slapping is not the only way to solve my slacking problem? Perhaps I need someone to pour a bucket of cold-freezing-ice-water onto my face, to make sure I am awake. (I don't support the idea of pouring hot-lava kind of liquid as I don't want to disfigure myself, thank you)

So yea. I am still slacking. Call me a slacker. or whatever you like. Hope this entry will entertain you. Hahaha~ It did entertained me.

6 inner voice(s):

raeshad said...

heyya jay XD

yeah, you do have readers from all around the world.

and i was just about to spam ur comment box XD

and p/s: everyone goes through the emo period in life. ive had had that period too, with so many repercussion to me. in terms of everything. life and the likes are very complicated indeed XD

but i sincerely do hope that you'll snap out of it XD

joshua said...

oh my, dude/darling... get a hold of yourself! being emo is a necessity of life... well, a rarity in mine, still it makes me appreciate the good times more? haha whoopsie, i don't make sense, do i?

anyways, get some chocolate... and i mean, stuff like Godiva and that sorta. It helped me go thru today!

Xie Bin said...

what the? no photos except the weird-looking lightings? not fun!

ok let me give you one tight slap! *piak* and i would love to be the honoured one to pour a bucket of cold-freezing-ice-water onto your face.

so glad you are recovered! please take care of yourself from now on.

raeshad said...

oit you. go out more la, if you've recovered from being sick that is. don't get cooped up in ur room@house doing nothing XD

tw said...

tiap tiap hair telan satu biji panadol. confirm okay. LOL!

Ah-Bong said...

slap slap slap.

there. i obliged. LOL