Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wild Mind

Seriously, I feel damn bored at home. My body is rotting and maggots are drilling their way out of my body. I just sit still in front of my computer, and expose every inch of my body to the radiation that is produce by the computer, while observing those tiny little maggots successfully craw out and fall onto the computer desk. It then fall onto the ground, and start drilling their way from my leg into my body again. They just like to play! 

Excuse the exaggeration. I am just bored. Too bored. I wish I have something else to do besides going through the normal routine like how the maggots craw in and fall out again and again and again. LOL. Imagine every day after waking up naturally, I switch on the computer and log in to my Gmail account, then my Friendster account, following with my Facebook account and then Plurk. After that, I will go to my blog to check my Cbox, and then Nuffnang. After everything are done, I will consider singing signing into my MSN or not. That is, basically what I normally do.

However, I am not like those other famous people with lots of messages and comments to reply. That’s why I feel bored after finish replying my messages. Then what next? Wait for my next meal, take my bath, sit and rot again. If I can go out, I will. But there is nothing to do outside, and no point going to the mall alone as I will end up walking blindly without a purpose. Waste patrol, waste my energy. Who wants to ask me out? Or rather, bring me out?

Recently, my mind is running wildly, like a wild cat. I keep having this imagination that I am someone special, someone with ability, power, like those in Heroes. I watched too much of it perhaps, and I am over dose now. LOL. Kinda addicted to all these superhero movies. I just like movie with powers flying around, haha, for example Heroes, X-Men, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and et cetera. So yea, either you provide me entertainment, otherwise fulfill my dream of being somebody, to save the world! Whee~ Heroes is just so good, watched Chapter 9 already, and craving for more, like how Syler used to crave for powers. I just like him somehow, his power is great don’t you think so? Feel sad for him since he is always being manipulated by the others.

Now, where was I? I need to stop thinking too much I suppose, otherwise I will be crazy. Work, work, work, work, all I need is to work, but I have meeting and other activities too, I am just funny. I don’t know what I want now. Oh yes, I need some pictures, for my blog.

Talk about pictures, I just took a few pictures of myself, and guess what I found? My face got rounder! I need to do something seriously. I think I should stop eating so much and go for exercise. I want to learn how to swim, I want to learn how to play tennis, I want to… There are a lot of “I want to” but the matter now is can I do that? Do I have the determination or will I have the perseverance for whatever I want to do? I need to think. 

Alright. Blog’s already updated. Hope that I will have a better entry about my life soon. LOL. Till then, see ya!

8 inner voice(s):

Xie Bin said...

i watched heroes too! but i kinda lost interest when season 3 is out. anyway, who knows? maybe you have one hidden special ability in you which is unknown to you yet? by the way, your life is so relaxing now. one word - jealous.

Darren said...

You are not alone are you? Go out, make friends and enjoy life.

Try these:

First rearrange your room.

Sit down, plan your life.

Get a hobby.

Make plans with your friends (you initiate, don't wait for others)

Try new things.

Watch movie, series, anime.

Bla bla bla.

Ah you get the picture don't you?

Good luck

yungchien said...

hahaha, well u got me mah, u dun wan ajak me out. hahaha =P
when i free that time we go movies! haha =P
well, i wanted to chat with u a few times, but ur personal message stated dun disturb XD hahaha

Zach said...

Come let's play tennis. I used to play it a lot. xD

Zach said...

Hm.. Used to.. Stop for 8 years already.. Don't have a racket now and I think need some time to get used to it.. xD

*Anton* aka BCT said...

I think most of us have fantasized being a hero, yup, moi included... the man-in-brightly coloured-tights! I've alwiz loved the idea of being able to fly anywhere i wanted to, being able to leap over buildings in a single bounce thingy. But then again, I'll have to seriously consider conquering vertigo 1st. keke :)

nase said...

Hey! Another fan of those heroes themed movies and series!

Wei! You should seriously consider taking up swimming or tennis or even squash, dude! If that's too much of a hassle, why won't you join some NGOs and be a volunteer? By giving and serving others, you feel life is more meaningful and you have a different outlook in your life.

Take care!

*Anton* aka BCT said...

Just joking about wearing tights, JC. Dun mind giving those cyclers a 2nd look tho' Hehe.

Thanks for visiting my site dude. Fyi, those darn maggots hv good taste! :P LOLZ