Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Night To Die For

I think I gain weight

Chillax! I am not emo, the title above was the theme of my Prom Night. Feeling weird right? But actually, there is a story behind the whole event, which suits the title of course. I don't mind to tell but since I am suppose to rush on my Research Paper which is due tomorrow, and another assignment, also due tomorrow, I think it's better that I finish my work first.

Anyways, thanks everyone for the comments, I am feeling much better now. Just that the fact I have to rush all my assignments before the due date and have a very bad instinct that I might retake all the courses/subjects of this semester again due to my bad performances.

OMG! I forgot that I have a exam to go for on this coming Friday! I've already put half of my body into the coffin and don't wish to go in more. Better pray hard now. LOL.

Till then.

5 inner voice(s):

nase said...

I actually like the theme 'A Night To Die For'! That's a nice picture btw, and after looking at you posing there and the previous pixs, I now wonder what's the fuss all about - refer "reflection". anyway, am glad you're over that now and moving on. Cheers, mate!

Xie Bin said...

please get out of the coffin, thank you.

did you watch the movie "prom night - a night to die for". i did! lucky nothing bloody happened during your prom night.

raeshad said...

i do too...[like the theme btw]...

do tell the story behind it :D

Ah-Bong said...

tell the story... :D

Darren said...

Topi itu cantik, hee